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Swany America taps Todd Givnish as VP of Sales

Swany America taps Todd Givnish as Vice President of Sales

(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE / MARCH 4, 2024) – Swany America this week named Todd Givnish as the company’s vice president of sales.

Givnish will take his new role with Swany America on March 4, 2024, and will oversee a range of initiatives to strategically grow the legacy wintersports brand, strengthen its ski specialty foundation, and support the introduction of key new products.

"Swany is entering a new growth phase which will see both a significant evolution of our products and brand, as well as a renewed commitment to our three decades of experience in the American winter sports industry. With his combination of professional and personal experience and in the outdoors, Todd is the ideal person to lead this effort for Swany,” said Yuki Kumoi, CEO of Swany America

Givnish is a recognized leader in the ski and outdoor verticals, having previously led Smartwool sales and marketing efforts for more than a decade.

While at Smartwool, Givnish helped guide the brand through a period of continuous growth and strengthened partnerships across all channels.

“Swany is coming into an incredible moment of opportunity as a brand, with both a rich history in the winter world as well as the design and manufacturing skills to build the best products for the most demanding users,” said Givnish. “It’s an exciting time to be a part of a great team.”

Founded in 1980, Swany America built its brand on the foundation of avid winter users seeking lightweight and functional styling as well as generous warmth and comfort.

With a passion for the outdoors and a talent for making gloves, Swany blends leading edge textile technologies and innovative material blends to create a diverse range of performance and lifestyle glove designs.

Swany America was founded in 1980 and, as a dedicated glove manufacturer, leverages its strengths to provide high-quality ski gloves under the Swany brand. Based on Swany's purpose of "delivering warmth to the world," we are always pursuing to continually innovate and create performance gloves that inspire and bring joy, passion, and purpose to our customers.